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Guto Lacaz

In the beginning of this year, Oiti’s Lagoinha Cup was featured in the Brazilian magazine WishReport. Since I am living in Finland I kindly asked  Lili Carneiro, the lovely journalist who edited the spread to send me its  PDF file. At the moment I opened it I could tell there was a special eye behind the art direction. I searched for the names credited and there he was: Guto Lacaz.

I have been a long time admirer of Guto Lacaz, a Brazilian graphic designer – though architect by education  – and legend. Guto is that rare kind of professional, who seems to genuinely master a wide range of disciplines. To the international readers of this journal who are not familiar with Guto’s work I would seriously recommend a look at his website.


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For WishCasa: To/From Helsinki with love.

I had the pleasure to collaborate with WishCasa Magazine on their one-year anniversary issue. I was invited to write about the wonderful city I have been calling home for the past two years: Helsinki.

WhishCasa is a breath of fresh air in the Brazilian design scene.  It was a pleasure to work with them. Congratulation and thank you! Long live WishCasa!

Below is the first part of the original article in Portuguese as well as a rough English version, so our international friends and partners wouldn’t feel left out. The entire article consisted of my ten favorite places in Helsinki, which I promise to gradually post, one by one, along with its English translation.

To/From Helsinki with love!

My love story with Helsinki began in 1998, when I went on a three-month exchange programme to Finland, soon after starting architecture school. The city greeted me covered in snow, with endless nights,  warm hand shakes, candlelight and in the most peculiar language I have ever heard.

From this time, I left with friends for life, an obsession with the work of architect Alvar Aalto and the certainty I would be back. In 2010, I started a Master’s Programme at the Aalto University School of Arts Design and Architecture. Helsinki has not changed much, it has remained a lovely slow paced place which has gained a cosmopolitan charm over the years.

The difference between winter and summer is remarkable. The experience of the Finnish cold weather is surreal, especially for tropical souls. In the winter, the word sisu, is easier to understand.  Lacking a precise translation to English, its meaning would be a compilation of perseverance, credibility, efficiency and honesty, characteristic of Finns. Relying on a lot of sisu, the infrastructure of Helsinki runs smoothly, even under piles of snow. There are no excuses for not enjoying the exotic pleasures of low temperatures.

The sauna experience is indispensable. In a nation of small social disparity, everybody goes to the public saunas. There bathing suits are optional, however this is one of the rare moments when you feel more naked if dressed. Walking over the frozen Baltic Sea is at the top of my favourite activities. In the winter, the perception of the city is altered. The functionalist architecture seems to be even more discrete in the dark days. Helsinki becomes a white town, framed in a grey-reddish horizon that resembles the Nordic expressionist paintings.

In the summer, snow-free and under the irreplaceable sunlight, the city reveals itself. The perception of the urban plan becomes clearer and I find myself discovering new-old buildings everyday. The city is mostly flat, composed by short building and wide sidewalks, perfect to be explored on foot. The transportation system does not disappoint. The trams are punctual, confortable, safe and a great option to see a lot in little time.

Helsinki slows down in the summer. Schools and universities close their doors and companies work with limited workforce. Helsinki taught me that efficiency requires leisure time. Perhaps, this is one of the secrets of the Finnish well fair state, of which, more than the architecture of Aalto, Finland and its capital are most proud.


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Fricote é uma nova revista francesa de comida. Não é revista de culinária não, é revista de comida. De comida de rua, de comida de casa, de comida inventada com os restos na geladeira. De tudo e qualquer coisa que tenha a ver com comida: embalagens, produtos, recipientes, blogs de comida, pessoas que gostam de comida, projetos de restaurantes, fotografias lindas e até coisas inesperadas como: um editorial de comida feitas de massinha e um editorial de moda com temática pic-nic e comidas fugitivas! Muito, muito legal mesmo! Além disso tudo o projeto gráfico é incrível e até o papel é de excelente qualidade.

Fricote is a new french food magazine. It’s not a culinary magazine, it’s a food magazine. Street food, home food, food made-up with whatever you have left in your fridge. Anything and everything that has to do with food: packaging, products, containers, food blogs, people who love food, restaurant design, beautiful pictures and even some unexpected things such as: an editorial featuring food made out of plasticine and a fashion editorial with a picnic theme and runaway food! Very, very cool. And to top it off, the layout of the magazine is amazing and even the paper is top notch!

E agora uma novidade bem legal! A Oiti está na edição inaugural da revista Fricote, com o porta-copos/porta-panelas Toast It! Estamos super felizes! Um sucesso!

And now for some great news! Oiti is featured in the inaugural edition of Fricote magazine, with the coaster/trivets set Toast It! We are so happy about this! Pretty awsome!


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Toast It na revista Trendesign

As vezes chegam umas surpresinhas aqui na Oiti. Semana passada recebemos um exemplar da revista Jordana Trendesign, com uma reportagem sobre a cortiça, que foi apontada na ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) em Nova York como o Material do Ano. E adivinha quem estava lá? O porta-copos/porta-panelas Toast It!

We ocasionally receive a few surprise gifts here at Oiti. Last week we were mailed an issue of Jordanian magazine Trendesign, with a special feature about cork, which was named Material of the Year at ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) in New York. And guess what is in the feature? The Toast It trivet/coaster set!

Adoramos! We loved it!

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Elle Thailand

O Toast It apareceu na edição Outubro 2010 da Elle Decoração da Tailândia. Sim, você leu certo, TAILÂNDIA! Incrível!

The Toast It trivet/coaster set  was featured in the October 2010 issue of Elle Decoration Thailand. Yes, you read that right, Thailand! Amazing!

Clique nas imagens para ampliar. Click on each image to make them bigger.



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Oiti na Casa Cláudia!

A Oiti apareceu na última edição da revista Casa Cláudia! O produto que aparece é o módulo Buti, que existe em 4 versões: com portas, sem portas, com 3 gavetas e com 4 gavetas. Os módulos podem ser usados para diversas funções, de criado-mudo à aparador!


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Oiti na DCasa

O revisteiro Luiza saiu na edição 29 da revista DCasa!

2009-10 DCasa Capa

2009-10 DCasa Luiza

Olha aí o revisteiro Luiza na DCasa de outubro. Vocês sabiam que Luiza era o nome da minha avó? Infelizmente, já não tenho a companhia dela há 3 longos anos… Para você que ainda tem avózinha e acha que é muito ocupado para visitinhas: deixa esse computador aí e vai lá tomar um café com ela!!! A minha adorava chá, falava muito palavrão e matava a gente de rir. Those were the days…

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